A talent to attain, pertain and maintain

Expert session by: Alexandra Di Nella, Talent Partner

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A talent to attain, pertain and maintain

Expert session by: Alexandra Di Nella
Founder and lead talent strategist at

About this event

Startup Studio is one of the emerging models of entrepreneurship. And as any entrepreneur, in order to succeed in your aspirations, you need a great team. Having secured a great talent alone is not enough to reach the best results in the operations moreover to fulfill reach for the moon ambitions. 

Given that especially the entire long-term success of the Studios lays on the shoulders of mainly the core Studio Team, the Studio founding and managing teams should relate to that team making them relevant to the main idea of the venture building. And not to forget that talent management in a way can be twice as difficult as finding a proper talent. 

So it’s an ongoing process that needs careful attention and continuous effort to succeed. 

And we will be discussing the main aspects of this essential topic in a relevant expert’s session.


During the event we will cover the basics of the four most important studio structures:

Diversity & Inclusion

Planning to Hire

Recruitment process optimization

Onboarding process setup to increase retention

Team cost budgeting: sticking to realistic expectations

ay other topics teams want to cover/have trouble with


Alexandra Di Nella

Alexandra spent 10+ years in the technology space, partly with companies like BCG and Rocket Internet. She is a founder and lead talent strategist of YZ Talents, a boutique talent firm focused on helping entrepreneurs grow from seed to series C. Alex works hand in hand with investors and founders to bring leading product and engineering talent to the venture teams. Till date, Alex is advising to startups in Founders Institute, University of Miami LegalTech program, and on Creatella competitions. She is also a part of NOMU VC, a KSA based venture studio and Consilience Ventures, London based deep tech focused VC.

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